VIDEO: News Presenter Reads Out Breaking News Of Her Husband’s Death!


The biggest tragedy that we humans can face is losing someone we love. The pain just can’t be described with words, and we often need months and even years to recover.

Even though we can’t completely recover, we still need to find a reason to move on with our lives. The video you’re about to see is as shocking as it gets.

While this news presenter was reading the news, she was interrupted by a breaking story. We’re all aware that breaking stories are most often tragic.

Things like car crashes, nature disasters and terror attacks are the type of news that people should be informed immediately.

Source: waza

But the news presenters are used to these kind of stories, and that’s why they don’t imagine the worst case scenario. Well, every tragic story is kind of the worst case of scenario.

But what we’re trying to say is that they don’t imagine reporting a car accident about someone they know.

IBC24 presenter Supreet Kaur found out her partner had been tragically killed in a fatal car accident by reporting the story herself.

Just imagine how difficult was for her to deal with the tragic loss of her husband while presenting the news.

But Supreet Kaur kept it professional, and she kept reading the news for a further ten minutes. Her husband died while travelling in a car with five other that was hit by a trick from behind.

According to the officer from the scene:

“The damage to the vehicle was terrible, and three people died, with two others grievously injured.”

An editor at IBC 24 said: “As she read out the news, she found out that it was the vehicle her husband was to travel in, in that region on the same day.”

“”Even though the reporter on the ground did not give out names, the team could tell that she had found out. The production team also just found out, but couldn’t tell her as she was live on television.”

“It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued, and kept her calm for another ten minutes.”

“The instant the cameras went off she began calling her relatives and broke down into tears. She left for the accident site after that.”