Video: Dog Gets Stoned After Accidentally Eating A Joint On A Walk


This is not something we often read about. Yes, videos of stoned guys doing crazy things are hilarious for sure. But we haven’t really seen a dog getting stoned, even by accident.

But hey, things happen.

Of course the dog and the dog owner didn’t plan this to happen. But the dog accidently eat a join on a walk and got high!

We all know how people react to a session of smoking marijuana. We laugh, we eat chocolate and we work on app ideas that will surly make us a lot of money.

Source: officetan

But when the effect is gone, the only thing left are the calories from all the chocolate we consumed during the smocking session.

But we’re pretty sure dogs are different, because they don’t really know what’s going on. It’s just a strange feeling for them, and they just roll with it.

It’s not like dogs don’t have the habit of eating stuff that they’re not supposed to. This could happen to everyone, if of course they don’t pay attention when they take their dog for a walk.

And when your dog accidently swallows things like a penny, you usually take him to the vet and he takes care of the problem. But things are a bit different if in case your dog eats a joint for example.

Even if you take him to the vet, the effect is already on its way. The vet can’t do much, except have a laugh!

The dog you’re about to see got stoned, and his reaction is hilarious: