This Is Why We Shouldn’t Use Our Phones On The Toilet


Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? Of course you can’t, because none of us can. We live in a time where no matter how old you are, you spend more time looking at your phone than you do looking at people.

A lot of people consider this habit as an obsession, and a bad thing as well. But it is what it is, and that’s just the time we live in. We have to deal with it.

It is true that most of the time spent on smart phones is for entertainment. That’s exactly why we can’t even go to the bathroom without bringing our phones with us.

In case you do bring your phone with you in the bathroom, you might change your mind after reading this.

“In the loo there will be other people’s germs on the seat, loo flush handle or button and loo roll holder, and the door to the cubicle,” The Hygiene Doctor, Lisa Ackerley says on her website.

Source: videohive

You should consider going back to reading shampoo bottles, because the germs of people who’ve been to the bathroom before you will take over your phone.

This means that these germs will find a way to your face, and even your mouth!

“If you take your phone to the toilet then you risk getting it covered in germs.”

“To put it bluntly, germs go through toilet paper, so after you have finished on the loo, your hands are dirty, which is why you wash them afterwards.”

“So if your hands are dirty, and contaminated with viruses or bacteria, and you pick up your phone after using the loo, then you will be transferring your germs and any others your hands have picked up onto the phone and then back on to your hands, even if you wash them after.”

That’s why you should think twice before taking your phone in the bathroom with you!