The Russians Just Invented A Real Life Terminator!


The Terminator is one of the most famous of all time. You’ll see drama, action and of course the famous Schwarzenegger’s lines like “hasta la vista baby.”

We’ve all enjoyed the movie as kids, and imagined being a half robot and half human creature with the abilities to fight the bad guys.

Because Terminator was and still is pretty cool.

From the way he puts his glasses on, to the way he walks. It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger was born for this movie.

However, the whole idea for the movie was pure science fiction. The technology wasn’t yet as developed as it is now. No military in the world was using drones to fight terrorists, like the United States is doing now.

Which means the technology behind Arnold’s mighty weapons was just a mix of effects and makeup. But it looks like things are changed now.

The conflict in Syria is not going away anytime soon, and both America and Russia are part of it. But the problem is that the two biggest military powers in the world are not fighting on the same side.

America is supporting the rebels, and Russia is supporting Bashar al-Assad. And while Trump was sending bombs to destroy Assad’s military bases, Russia was working on their own secret project.

They’ve managed to develop one of the most advanced military drone we’ve ever seen. The robot known as FEDOR is not going to be ready until 2021, but they sure are on the right track with it.

Russia’s deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin said:

“We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in various fields.” – Source.

FEDOR was developed to be used in rescue missions, but we’re not sure Russia will stick to the rule in case of a third world war scenario!