Scientists Have Revealed Some Of The Most Painful Ways To Die!


Let’s face it, we’re all going to dome someday. Yes, technology is constantly improving and all that. But we’re still not at the level of eternity. It’s not like we’re even going to achieve eternity, but we could use robots to replace our bodies.

Because the brain, the memories and the personality traits is all that matters. I mean just think about it for a second. We’ve managed to successfully transplant almost every vital organ from one to another human being.

This means that if your kidney fails, you can simply replace it with another one. But no Doctor or a Scientist have managed to transplant the most vital organs of them all; the brain.

Which means that this generation will probably witness drone delivery, but we’re all going to die!

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No matter how successful your life is, you’re still terrified of dying. And that’s normal, because we do live in an exciting world.

But the idea of dying is not as scary as the method of it. Dying in your bed at your 90’s is not such a bad thing. But the idea of drowning in the middle of the ocean is terrifying.

That’s why scientists have revealed some of the most painful ways to die.

Let’s start with the elevator scenario. What do you think could happen if you were inside an elevator which plunged to the ground?

According to Paul Doherty, a senior scientist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum:

“Laying flat on your back is the best way to spread out the G forces evenly through your body. If you’re standing up, your organs may keep falling even though your body has stopped.” – Reddit.

Let’s continue with scenario number two; floating one mile away from a neutron star.

Before we continue, let us explain what a neutron star is. Neutron star is created when giant stars die in supernovas and their cores collapse.

Paul says: “Let’s assume the neutron star is unnaturally quiet. You’ll be in free fall, and as usual it’s not the fall that kills you. Gravity is stronger at close distances and weaker further away. This means if your head is pointed toward the neutron star it will be tugged toward the star much more strongly than your feet and this tidal force will rip you apart.”

Not pleasant death at all!

But what if you’re at the bottom at the deepest part of the world’s ocean?

“Fortunately you’re mostly water, and water is incompressible. So you would retain your basic human shape. The air pockets inside you, namely in your nasal cavity, throat and chest, would be a problem. Those would collapse inward, which would fatal.”

“Because you wouldn’t have any air, you wouldn’t float to the surface and you would likely stay at the bottom to be consumed by the bone-eating snot flower, which usually eats whale bones but would probably make an exception in this case.”

Dying in your sleep isn’t such a bad idea after all!