It Turns Out That People Who Chat To Their Pets Are Actually More Intelligent


You don’t really need an IQ test to find out your level of intelligence. All you need is a quick chat with your dog or cat and you’ll instantly feel smarter.

Well that’s not exactly the case. Although it sounds like it’s that simple, and a lot of people will probably talk to their pets after reading this.

But the “more intelligent” part only counts if you frequently hold discussions with your pet before reading this.

And when we say talk to your pet, we don’t mean having a conversation regarding Einstein’s theory of time. Simple things like “did you miss me” are vital to understand the philosophy that claims how smarter people talk to their pets.

People often say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. If in case your dog talks back in these conversation, you have crossed that line!

But if your dog is looking at you with a confuse face expression, it’s all good and you’re probably above the average.

The human habit of building characters out of non-human objects is called anthropomorphizing. Just like we talk to our toys when we’re kids, we talk to our pets when we’re a bit older.

People tend to understand this habit as immature behavior, but that’s not the case.

Behavioural Science Professor Nicholas Epsey of the University of Chicago, explains to Quartz that:

“We often name objects like cars, instruments, boats, and cameras – all items that we develop special relationships with and consider extensions of our own identities.”

“But it goes beyond naming: We think our cat is acting “sassy”; that the stock market is “angry” or “working to recover;” and we ask our car “why it won’t turn on” and call it a “rickety old man” when it starts to stall.

“This is just the byproduct of having an active, intelligent social cognition – of having a brain that is programmed to see and perceive minds.”

To sum it up, talking to your pet only means that you have an active imagination.