Girl Uses Tinder To Make Herself Some Money!


We’re pretty sure that the first thing you’ll think about after reading the headline are nudes, but that’s not the case. Tinder is not like those scam networks that are constantly matching you with someone few miles away from you…and also interested in sex.

But of course, these type of networks are only bothering us while we’re watching adult movies. Well, we can’t argue with the logic, because that’s when we’re most vulnerable.

We would love to believe in these kind of networks, but unfortunately they’re all scam. The strange thing is that they’re not even close to being “out of business” which means people are still falling for the good old trick.

According to Channel NewAsia, “in the first half of 2015, people in Singapore lost $3.7 million in Internet love scams.”

Someone is making a lot of money, and someone is really, really mad!

But Tinder is not like this. It’s a legitimate online dating service/app, and millions of people are using it. The reason why Tinder is so popular is because is easy and fun to use. Even if you’re not 10/10, you can still charm people with your bio.

Source: Pinterest

You can be funny, entertaining or serious regarding a specific topic. Maybe some girl or a boy will priorities personality over looks. This is not always the case, but hey, some people do appreciate a unique personality.

But no one ever used Tinder to make money before, until this girl found an innovative way to scam people. Did she used a complex scamming strategy? Not at all.

The only thing she did is changing her bio to “send me $5, see what happens.”

And it worked!

Maggie Archer (the Tinder scammer), managed to persuasive around 20 guys to send her money to her PayPal address.

After receiving the money, she simply unmatched them meaning that they had no way of getting back in touch with her.