Dead Man’s Body Is Cut Out Of Giant Python?


We know the headline sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it actually happened in real life. Strange and bizarre things happen all the time, and what you’re about to see is definitely one of the craziest event ever uploaded online.

If you think few lions attacking a man in the zoo is crazy, prepare to get your mind blown!

We’re not saying zoo incidents are not shocking or anything. But there’s always a confusing story behind every bizarre video you see on the internet.

Let us explain what we’re getting at. Have you ever heard about Alec Ndiwane? This guy is a church leader, and he thought he could take control over the lions with praying.

Did it work? Not at all!

He barely survived the attack. If it wasn’t for the game ranger who fired shots to scare the lions off, the church leader wouldn’t be alive today.

In case you haven’t seen the video:

The python story is a on another lever of craziness. Akbar Salubiro from Indonesia went missing for two days, and a search party set out on the hunt for the man. But they weren’t expecting this!

They found a giant python that swallowed Akbar! The search party had to fight of the enormous snake in order to retreat the body.

Akbar was just 25 years old, and his job was harvesting palm oil on the island of West Sulawesi. But things went wrong when a giant python visited his garden.

“When the snake was captured, the boots Akbar was wearing were clearly visible in the stomach of the snake.

“Residents cut open the belly of the snake and Akbar was lifeless.” – TheLadBible.

Watch video of him being cut out of the python below: