British Inventor Creates Real-Life Iron Man Suit


We remember a decade ago when self-driving cars were just an imagination, but look at Tesla now. This is just one example of how quick technology is moving forward, but we haven’t really thought about seeing real-life iron man suit any time soon.

Iron Man was just a cool movie in which Robert Downey Jr. is playing a genius and a multi billionaire who fights crime. Thanks to the amazing suit, he can fly, shoot bad guys and do lots of cool things that are only possible in a movie.

Kids and even grownups were impressed by the suit, and wished to own that piece of technology that will give you the power to rule the world.

Source: Screen Rant

Of course, Iron Man is a super-hero and he uses his power to fight crime and not to rule the world.

But at the end of the day, this is all just an imagination. We’re pretty sure that no military in the world is capable of developing such a suit.

However, British inventor Richard Browning took things to another level. He wasn’t satisfied with an Iron Man Halloween mask so he decided to build his own suit.

The suit can’t compare with the original one from the movies, which means it doesn’t have all the cool features. But Browning’s invention is definitely the closest thing to an Iron Man suit we’ve ever seen.

He spent 12 months developing the Daedalus Flight Suit. He wasn’t able to fly and fight crime right away, but after few weeks of practice he started to look like the Iron Man from the movie: