Brazilian Cops Take Down Drugs Plane GTA-Style!


The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular game of all time, and there’s a reason why. GTA is the only game where you can do whatever you like with your character. You could start with completing the missions, drive a taxi, drive a supercar or simply chase people on the street with a baseball bat.

The choice is yours!

And that’s exactly why Grand Theft Auto 4 sold over 6 million copies in its first week and 3.6 million on day one.

But if these numbers don’t have any meaning to you in form of copies sold, let’s just say that the numbers equates to a sales value of $500 million after one week and $310 million on release day!

Source: kotaku

But just like we mentioned above, the reason why GTA is successful it’s because you can do things that are far away from legal in the real world.

If you ever feel like driving like a maniac, just go and buy GTA and you’ll get over it.

However, these Brazilian cops found a way to use a strategy straight from the GTA series to chase down bad guys.

That’s right!

There’s no time for the usual “you have the right to remain silent” nonsense when you’re chasing drug traffickers.

Because the old tactics clearly doesn’t work. That’s why these cops decided to go a bit extreme.

These Brazilian cops used their car to crush into the plane, just to stop the drug traffickers from taking off. And when the mission was complete, one of the cops went out of the car shouting; “Police stop. Get out, get out now.”