99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested To Complete Her Bucket List


We all have dreams, don’t we? Dreams that we want to passionately chase through whole our lives. Because dreams represent the real meaning of pursuit of happiness. But unfortunately, some dreams die unfulfilled.

Maybe because we, people sometimes bite more than we can chew. Or maybe because we’ve picked a more simple life.

A life where dreams are replaced with a bucket list.

Bucket list may not be as ambition as a dream, but it defiantly brings the same level of happiness. Watching the sunrise with your significant other, bungee jumping, scuba diving or any other activity that will separate you from the ordinary everyday life.

The inspiring story you’re about to hear is truly an example of how age is just a number. This 99-year-old woman was determined to complete her bucket list, even though it involved getting arrested.

Annie, the 99-year-old woman, was allowed to sit in a cell with fastened handcuffs. According to the law, citizens who haven’t committed a crime are not allowed to permit in cells. But the local police was kind enough to make an exception for Annie.

Annie, the 99-year-old Grandma from Holland, was captured smiling during her time at jail. But Annie didn’t just went to the police station asking to get arrested. Her niece helped her out by kindly asking a police officer to arrest her Grandma.

The police officer that was involved in arresting Annie said to Daily Mail; “You get many unusual requests with this profession. We thought it would be nice to do something special for Annie.”